CCCR Partners

Our Network

CCCR offers a network of canine-assisted crisis response teams under the central leadership and guidance of its Board of Directors and emphasizes first-rate, comprehensive training of these teams to provide our support services. CCCR recognizes the importance of both human and canine welfare as key elements for effective, ongoing responses and clearly reflected throughout initial training and subsequent in-service work.

CCCR team in action Lady greeting labrador Lady with Arlo Child reading with dog

Partner Groups

CCCR trains and certifies teams to provide our services in Oregon and Washington to:

  • Fire Districts
  • Children's Support Camps
  • Law Enforcement
  • Clergy
  • Disaster Relief Agencies
  • Schools
  • Military support programs
  • Hospitals
  • Juvenile Justice Departments
  • Adult Correctional Facilities
  • Medical Examiner's Offices

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